Baked cheesy polenta fingers

I whipped up a batch of these fingers this morning while Max was munching on his breakfast. That’s how quick they are! Although Max is quite a slow eater….

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Tomato, celery and pepper-infused vodka

This savoury infused vodka is perfect for those day-after brunches when everyone is nursing a sore head. Or pop little bottles of it in a hangover kit for your bridesmaids.

Serve it straight-up over ice and you have yourselves a low-cal bloody-tini. But it’s also yummy with a splash of soda or add it to tomato juice for an easy bloody mary.


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Strawberry heart pie pops

How sweet are these strawberry-filled pie pops?! They are super fun for a kitchen tea or bridal shower. Can’t you imagine the pics now? All the ladies in their pretty dresses eating dainty heart-shaped pies. They would also be great as part of a dessert buffet.


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Salted date caramels

Okay so I got you in here with ‘salted caramel’ didn’t I? Well I’m glad you came because these date caramels (made by moi!) from recently released Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook – Eating Well – are not only delicious but they are also paleo, vegan, gluten-, dairy-, egg- and sugar-free!!!

So as well as this gem of a recipe I am also sharing some pretty pics from the book which is all about eating healthy all the time, so you will never have to diet again.

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Hot chocolate on a stick

As I was making these I was imagining a beautiful white winter wedding with the bride draped in faux fur and snowflakes drifting from the sky. In reality, most Australian winter weddings are probably in lovely crisp sunshine but a girl can dream can’t she?

Either way, your wedding guests will love these orange-spiked hot chocolate favours. So simple to make and so delicious when melted in a big mug of warm milk.


For the recipe check out my guest post over at Polka Dot Bride.


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