Spiced apricot and oat breastfeeding cookies

Following on from the yummy chocolate and craisin breastfeeding cookies I did last year, I now present you with a delicious spiced apricot version!

I love ginger cookies and this recipe has a good hit of ginger so is perfect for autumn snacking. And of course, your non-lactating loved ones can enjoy them too as they won’t make you squirt milk, I promise!

For all the breastfeeding mamas, the oats, brewers yeast and linseed will help increase your milk production, and they are great to keep nearby for those late night feeds when you need something to nibble on.

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Single stem corsage

This single stem corsage is a modern take on the old fashioned elasticised posy and is perfect for flower girls and bridesmaids alike.

It looks stunning with a large simple flower like a peony, rose or gardenia and of course you can choose the ribbon to suit your theme.


For the DIY corsage tutorial, check out my guest post over at Polka Dot Bride.


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Yeasted waffles

I have a waffle maker that often gets neglected but I realised the other day that I only have a short amount of time left in this pregnancy so NOW is the time to enjoy me some waffles! {LATE EDIT: Sorry! wrote this while I was still pregnant but it kept getting shifted down the schedule!}

The previous recipes I have tried have always been a bit so-so hence why I thought I would give yeasted waffles a go. I’m glad I did! They were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, just how a waffle should be.

I think next time I will leave them in the iron for a little longer as I like them super duper crisp and these were crispy but went quite soft once you added the maple syrup.

Make sure you start this recipe the night before you want to enjoy the waffles as the batter needs to prove.

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DIY glitter votive candle holders

These glittery votive candle holders are super easy and quick to make, and they are kind on the budget too!

They make the perfect centrepiece when clustered together and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter at a party?!

glitter-votives For the full tutorial, check out my guest post over at Polka Dot Bride.


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Earl grey syrup

I’m obviously in a syrup frame of mind at the moment! They are just so handy to have in the fridge to add extra oomph to drinks and desserts.

Again, I made this one with milkshakes in mind, but you can also try it in cocktails or poured over cakes. It has a subtle earl grey tea flavour which works especially well with lemon, dried fruit or chocolate.

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