Conversation starter jars

These conversation starter jars are awesome for getting people talking at your wedding. Just pop one on each table and get the MC to mention them. Everyone will be best friends by the end of the night!


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A baby update

I promise that this won’t become a baby blog so don’t panic! Food and craft is definitely still the order of the day. But as our wee guy is now almost 3 months old, I thought you might like an update and a sticky beak at him.

The first couple of months were hard, I won’t lie. Max had a number of health issues which thankfully have mostly been resolved but they did add to the stress of having a newborn, that’s for sure. He is a now a smiley, happy, chubby baby who is for the most part very good!

We are looking forward to taking him home to NZ at Easter to meet his grandpa, who is called Grumps, and one Aunt, Uncle and two of his cousins. Any tips for travelling with a baby are very welcome!


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Homemade soy candles

I was a bit nervous that making soy candles was going to be tricky but actually it was really easy, and fun!

They make perfect wedding favours or girly gifts. And if you are feeling super creative, why not try making your own signature scent?!

I poured the candles into our quilted mason jars but you could also try old tea cups or little glass bowls.

homemade-candles-blog To learn how to make these candles at home, check out my guest post over at Polka Dot Bride.

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Spiced apricot and oat breastfeeding cookies

Following on from the yummy chocolate and craisin breastfeeding cookies I did last year, I now present you with a delicious spiced apricot version!

I love ginger cookies and this recipe has a good hit of ginger so is perfect for autumn snacking. And of course, your non-lactating loved ones can enjoy them too as they won’t make you squirt milk, I promise!

For all the breastfeeding mamas, the oats, brewers yeast and linseed will help increase your milk production, and they are great to keep nearby for those late night feeds when you need something to nibble on.

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Single stem corsage

This single stem corsage is a modern take on the old fashioned elasticised posy and is perfect for flower girls and bridesmaids alike.

It looks stunning with a large simple flower like a peony, rose or gardenia and of course you can choose the ribbon to suit your theme.


For the DIY corsage tutorial, check out my guest post over at Polka Dot Bride.


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