4 ways with washi tape

Washi tape jars

We just got some new paper washi tape in the shop this week so I thought I would have a play around and see what easy, cute things I could do with it.

Washi bunting

Washi tape on a present

washi tape -flags

Washi tape jars

1. For the washi tape bunting all you need is some bakers or other twine, washi tape and a pair of scissors. Just wrap strips of tape around the twine at intervals then trim tape ends to form a flag. This is super cute for Christmas decorating, hanging in small areas such as on doors or windows, or used as cake bunting.

2. Super easy gift decorating. The tape looks great on brown kraft paper but why not try mixing and matching with some bold colours and prints too?

3. For the little cupcake topper flags you just need toothpicks (or skewers), washi tape and scissors. Wrap strips of the tape around the toothpicks and trim to form an inverted flag. These would also be cute attached to gifts or as a ‘done-ness’ marker when you are cooking steaks for a crowd. (So green stripe for medium-rare, grey spotty for well-done etc.)

4. Pretty up some leftover jars with tape and use for any number of things such as pen holders, vases and lanterns to name a few. (P.S am I obsessed with lanterns at the moment or what?!)




  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    I love the sweet little bunting in number 1! šŸ™‚

  • jane

    Thanks Will! It is so super easy to make.

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