9 light and fruity drinks for Spring

The recent warm weather and sunshine plus some jealous-making photos of my family in Vietnam drinking cocktails got me thinking that it is time to replace my regular drink of choice with something new and exciting. So I started trawling the web for inspiration and came across these 9 delicious looking concoctions which I am going to work my way through this spring/summer.

And of course, you can always add a splash of vodka to any that are looking too virgin for your liking!

watermelon and coconut water breeze Watermelon and coconut water breeze from here

roasted blueberry margarita Roasted blueberry margarita from here

basil lemonade Basil lemonade from here

Spritz Spritz from here

toasted coconut and vanilla limeade Toasted coconut and vanilla limeade from here

Roasted peach lemonade Roasted peach lemonade from here

Bomb collins Bomb collins from here

Salty chihuahua Salty chihuahua from here

Lemon thyme soda Lemon thyme soda from here


All of these drinks would be perfect as a wedding signature drink and would look super cute served in our mason jars.

What is your warm weather drink of choice lovely peeps?


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