Some of my favourite things this month



1. Beef short ribs available from supermarkets and butchers. Now these are a real winter comfort food. You need to cook them low and slow like lamb shanks or osso bucco. Depending on what flavourings you add they can become Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian or Mexican fare, just to name a few. Try adding tomato passata, rosemary and onion for a classic ragu, or turn them into delicious smokey tacos like these. I had the best slow-roasted red wine short ribs of my life at Buzo the night I got engaged. Whether it was the engagement or the recipe that made them taste so good I will never know, but I have had a thing for ribs ever since. (Image from Sweet Paul magazine)

2. Coral striped linen iPhone cases from Etsy. How pretty are these? The stripes have been hand-printed onto natural unbleached linen. And they come in other colours too!

3. Leopard socks from Country Road. I love anything leopard, have I mentioned this before? I could pull together a whole leopard outfit from my wardrobe, from underwear to umbrella, if I was so inclined. And yes if this ever happens you are free to tell me I’m crazy.

4. Peach spotty washi tape from emerald + ella. This combines two of my favourite things – the colour peach and polka dots! It’s a must have for all my decorating and wrapping projects.

5. Emerald polka dot cardigan from Glassons. Well after the previous mention, I guess it goes without saying why I like this cardie. But isn’t the colour gorgeous too? Even better, it’s on sale!

6. Vintage blossom card set from Rifle Paper Co. Aren’t these beautiful? I like having lots of multi-purpose cards in the card drawer (yes I have one of these. And a present cupboard too). Then when an unexpected event occurs, voila! you have the perfect card for the occasion.