Meet Tony, the cake stand man!


So many of you love our cake stands so we thought you might like to meet the lovely man who hand makes them for us -Tony. Handsome looking fellow right?!

Check out the Q&A below to find out more about this very interesting guy.



Q. So Tony, what exactly is your title?
A. I’m a wood turner and cabinet maker.

Q. How long have you been working in this industry?
A. I have been working in the industry, from cabinet making to site management, for 58 years.

Q. What do you love about working with wood?
A. I like that it’s a natural product. I like the feel of the timber, the grain in the wood. I like that I can create something out of a raw piece of wood. It’s a passion.

cake-standsQ. What is the largest or craziest job you have ever worked on?
A. I was a site manager for a one billion dollar project for a prince in Saudi Arabia. It took three years and we built an abattoir, dairy farm and agricultural centre. While there I was the Prince’s guest of honour at a feast where we sat on rugs flecked with gold thread worth $250,000 each and dined on whole roasted goat. As the special guest I was expected to eat the goat’s eyeball as it is considered a delicacy. Not as jelly-like as I expected, more like the texture of kidney.

Q. Despite going through heart surgery, diabetes, and a knee replacement, you still manage to stay up until 12am playing poker, get up in the wee hours to head to markets and take on more and more wood turning jobs. Do you think you will ever retire?
A. Well in another two years I will be 75 so I will probably think about giving up the markets then. I’ll still keep up the other jobs though. My son has requested a large blanket box so that’s the next project. We are taking 9 weeks off later this year to travel around America.


I published this awhile ago in our shop newsletter but it was so popular (because Tony is an awesome guy!) that I thought I would share his interview with you, my lovely blog followers.


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