Carnation chair garland


How sweet is this carnation garland?! It would be perfect for a garden bridal tea or to signify the bride and groom chairs at the wedding. You could also make longer chains and hang them down the wall as a photo backdrop. For my full tutorial hop on over to Polka Dot Bride.   You know you could be reading this on the app?! Download it here. Fancy …

Pressed botanical prints


These pressed flowers and leaves make beautiful prints, especially when arranged in a variety of eclectic frames. You can buy a selection of mismatched frames at stores like Ikea or Kmart, or go fossicking around your local thrift stores and council clean-ups for something more original.

Caraway, date and tomato relish


Remember my sweet green chilli sauce recently? Well when I was at the markets I also bought a huge box of tomatoes ($8 for 10 kgs, can you believe it?!) and this yummy relish came about. The dates add a little sweetness but don’t overtake the tomato and then there is caraway and rosemary to add an nice depth of flavour. This relish is yummy with cheese, …

Some last minute Christmas things….


Ok so Christmas has snuck up on me this year, is that what having a child does to you?! So I thought I would share a few favourite crafty things and recipes from the archives in case you need some last minute inspiration. Still need a topper for your tree? This easy kraft paper angel will impress all the rellies! Find out how to make …

Leftover turkey banh mi sliders


Since having Max I have rediscovered a love for cream cheese. It just snuck up on me and now I see it in my shopping trolley every week. He loves it in a soft wholemeal sandwich, a bit squidged down so it’s nice and flat. I personally prefer it on a toasted everything bagel with some tomato, onion and cucumber. But each to their own. Anyway, …

Radicchio stamp


Remember making potato stamps when you were a kid? Well this is the very pretty grown-up version, using radicchio lettuce. I used it to stamp a table runner but it is great for all sorts of stationery like place cards, tags and wrapping paper. Plus, it’s a sustainable way to make use of the stem that you would normally discard (or compost) when cutting up …

Sweet green chilli sauce


It’s that pickling time of year again folks! Last year I wasn’t able to head out to Sydney Markets like I normally do as I was heavily pregnant although I still managed to knock out this delicious tomato and tamarind chutney before I popped. But this year, I am totally back on with this sweet green chilli sauce (which is really yum and actually perfect for the novice …

Printable monster book labels


I love to give books, especially to kids as both they and their parents seem to appreciate it more than filling up their houses with plastic toys. BUT try as I might to find cool book labels that tell you who the giver was, I couldn’t find any! Only ‘This book belongs to…’ ones, which are all well and good but seeing as the books are …

30% off vintage-inspired ceramics and glassware


It’s sale time!! We have 30% off all vintage-inspired ceramics and glassware in the emerald + ella shop until Sunday. They are super pretty yet practical and make perfect Christmas pressies. You can read all about the cool people who make the ceramics in this post.   Time to get shopping! You know you could be reading this on the app?! Download it here. Fancy getting …