My love for peanut butter

Chocolate peanut butter fudge

Okay so as well as my love for pulled pork sandwiches, I love peanut butter. I like it sweet, I like it savoury, I like it crunchy, I like it smooth, I like it all! If you follow my boards on pinterest then you probably have already noticed this, as I have a board dedicated to all things peanut butter. And judging by the tweets …

Bleeding eye punch for Halloween

Bleeding eye punch

Okay so we have had zombie eyeballs and chocolate snake pits so far, and last but not least we have some bleeding eye punch for you. Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t forget to check out my pinterest Halloween board for more spooky ideas. Bleeding eye punch This is a short-order rather than a recipe as it is really easy. Combine 1 part coca cola and 1 …

Mexican ice blocks

tamarind and lemongrass ice blocks

One of my favourite things to eat when we were in Oaxaca and Isla Mujeres on our honeymoon were paletas – Mexican ice blocks. They came in a myriad of flavours from coconut to pineapple + chilli to grape and some restaurants even offered complimentary mini ones after your meal. One flavour that I found particularly refreshing was tamarind. It was a nice mix of …

Chocolate snake pits for Halloween

Chocolate snake pits

So last week we had zombie eyeballs and this week it’s chocolate snake pits. These are super easy to whip up and can be made a day before. You could make it even easier on yourself and use store-bought pudding mix if you were so inclined. Chocolate snake pits 1 1/2 cups milk 1/4 cup cornflour 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 cup caster sugar 20g …

Pretty paper dots garland

Pretty paper dots garland

I saw this pic on pinterest the other day and fell in love with the colours. And even better, the garland looks super easy to make! For the tutorial head over to the Oh Happy Day blog      

Zombie eyeballs for Halloween

Zombie eyeballs

So Halloween is coming up at the end of the month so I made a few spooky treats to celebrate. The first one is this recipe for zombie eyeballs (or lemon truffles to the non-believers). I have also been pinning lots of cool Halloween craft, printables, cocktail and decorating ideas over on pinterest if you would like some more inspiration. Zombie eyeballs 450g store-bought madeira …

Cute printable calendar

I think I have shared pretties from the Creature Comforts blog before, but I just love their work! Anyway, a new cutie that I fell in love with is their printable monthly calendar. Once the month is over you can just cut off the top and use it as a card or print.  Head over to their blog to download it for yourself.

Beetroot chocolate ice cream

Beetroot chocolate ice cream

I was watching River Cottage the other day and Hugh made some really interesting ice creams – a pea + mint one and a beetroot + chocolate one. Both seemed to go down a treat but the beet + choc one intrigued me the most so I thought I would give it a go. I adapted the recipe a bit and added some good quality …

A little vege garden update

A little vege garden update

So you know how I showed you guys my little vege garden when I first planted it? Well I thought you might like an update. One month in and it is doing really well! We have even eaten some of the lettuce already. What do you think? Is anyone else out there trying out their green thumb for the first time also?    

Long weekend picnic packs

Long weekend picnic packs

We have a long weekend coming up and hopefully the sun is going to shine, as we are planning a picnic. Haven’t thought about the food as yet but of course I have already started styling it! I was inspired by another pic on pinterest to make these sweet picnic packs using a mix of e+e products and crafty bits I had around the house. …