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Cake smash shoot


At the end of last year, my lovely girlfriend Poppy took these gorgeous cake smash snaps of #littlehowie just before he turned 1. Isn’t she clever?! For the cake smash, I made a simple butter cake and layered it with whipped cream and berries. And of course it was proudly displayed on a 20cm white emerald + ella cake stand. Max was not interested in …

Banana, nut butter and cacao muffins


These nutty banana muffins AKA baby hipster muffins are full of healthy superfoods and fats, perfect for little (or big!) growing people. Max (#littlehowie) is now 14 months and needs more than just a handful of strawberries for morning tea these days so these muffins make the perfect little lunch snack. I realise the recipe makes 9 which seems a silly amount but you could easily pile …

Printable monster book labels


I love to give books, especially to kids as both they and their parents seem to appreciate it more than filling up their houses with plastic toys. BUT try as I might to find cool book labels that tell you who the giver was, I couldn’t find any! Only ‘This book belongs to…’ ones, which are all well and good but seeing as the books are …

Pear, sultana and oat balls


Okay okay so I seem to be posting a few baby-friendly recipes even though I promised it wouldn’t become a baby blog!! And, it’s not, I swear. It’s just that I have been testing all sorts of yummy things for Australian Women’s Weekly recently and have had no time for adult cooking at home. But there will be plenty more grown-up food coming soon.

Fluffy banana pancakes


Today I am sharing a really simple recipe for banana pancakes BUT they are nice and thick and fluffy which I have been trying to achieve for awhile now as Max doesn’t munch well on thin, floppy pancakes. Make them small for little hands or big for hungry adults, either way they were a hit in my house. In fact, this was probably Max’s favourite …

A baby update


I promise that this won’t become a baby blog so don’t panic! Food and craft is definitely still the order of the day. But as our wee guy is now almost 3 months old, I thought you might like an update and a sticky beak at him. The first couple of months were hard, I won’t lie. Max had a number of health issues which …

Spiced apricot and oat breastfeeding cookies


Following on from the yummy chocolate and craisin breastfeeding cookies I did last year, I now present you with a delicious spiced apricot version! I love ginger cookies and this recipe has a good hit of ginger so is perfect for autumn snacking. And of course, your non-lactating loved ones can enjoy them too as they won’t make you squirt milk, I promise! For all …

Our new arrival – baby Max


I just wanted to share an announcement with you guys about the loveliest new arrival in our lives – baby Max. He appeared on December 29th, narrowly missing Christmas and New Year’s eve birthdays which was rather clever of him and we couldn’t be happier. He’s pretty cute huh? He does take up an awful lot of time at the moment so my posts may …

Some exciting news to share


Hi lovelies, I am tempted to apologise again for my lack of posts lately, but actually, I would rather just share an exciting piece of news with you. We are having a baby! Yip I am 13, almost 14 weeks, pregnant and very happy to be welcoming a new (and first) addition to our family on Christmas day (or thereabouts). Cue sad noises about the …