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Hanging paper vases


So you know how I promised to use up those kraft boxes in this post? Well here we go! These sweet hanging vases are covered with rippled paper to make them look sculptural. They hold light plants like succulents or airplants, or pop in a small plastic cup with water and you can fill them with flowers and leaves. You can cover them in newspaper, old …

DIY ring cones


I love love love how simple this tutorial is, yet super practical! It was inspired by these fancy ceramic Anthropologie ring cones, but instead of shelling out $38 you can now make them at home with a few supplies from the craft store, for a fraction of the cost. As always, use your favourite colours and patterns to customise the cones. And if you are being …

New two tone and rose gold cake stands


I am so excited about this beautiful cake stand delivery this week! The lovely Tony had a few hiccups with his truck but he finally got these long-awaited stands to me and I couldn’t wait to shoot them and share. How pretty is the rose gold? Oh and the mint and teal? Or the pink and purple?! Gosh, I just love them all and I hope …

Cupid’s arrow cupcake toppers


These simple cupid cupcake toppers are so sweet for Valentine’s Day. Once made, you can re-use the feathered toothpicks for all sorts of things like finger sandwiches and cheese cubes 😉 . If your loved one isn’t a fan of cupcakes, these toppers would look equally as good on doughnuts, pies or even perched on his beer glass! Pink cake stand from the emerald + …

Carnation chair garland


How sweet is this carnation garland?! It would be perfect for a garden bridal tea or to signify the bride and groom chairs at the wedding. You could also make longer chains and hang them down the wall as a photo backdrop. For my full tutorial hop on over to Polka Dot Bride.   You know you could be reading this on the app?! Download it here. Fancy …

Pressed botanical prints


These pressed flowers and leaves make beautiful prints, especially when arranged in a variety of eclectic frames. You can buy a selection of mismatched frames at stores like Ikea or Kmart, or go fossicking around your local thrift stores and council clean-ups for something more original.

Some last minute Christmas things….


Ok so Christmas has snuck up on me this year, is that what having a child does to you?! So I thought I would share a few favourite crafty things and recipes from the archives in case you need some last minute inspiration. Still need a topper for your tree? This easy kraft paper angel will impress all the rellies! Find out how to make …

Radicchio stamp


Remember making potato stamps when you were a kid? Well this is the very pretty grown-up version, using radicchio lettuce. I used it to stamp a table runner but it is great for all sorts of stationery like place cards, tags and wrapping paper. Plus, it’s a sustainable way to make use of the stem that you would normally discard (or compost) when cutting up …

Printable monster book labels


I love to give books, especially to kids as both they and their parents seem to appreciate it more than filling up their houses with plastic toys. BUT try as I might to find cool book labels that tell you who the giver was, I couldn’t find any! Only ‘This book belongs to…’ ones, which are all well and good but seeing as the books are …

DIY abstract trinket dish


These sweet trinket dishes are made from kraft box lids, can you believe it? And don’t worry, I have a post coming up soon with a use for the kraft boxes as there is no wastage around here! All you need is some enamel paint in your fave colours and you will have yourself a pretty dish to hold your rings, earrings and bracelets in …