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Spicy tomato + mango chutney


Okay, okay, I know I haven’t posted in many a moon and I’m not sure when I will be back on a regular basis yet but hey, I’m here now so that’s good right? Last month I did my annual trip to Sydney Produce Markets to join the crazy hustle bustle and pick up enormous boxes of tomatoes and chillies and onions etc. And from these …

Caraway, date and tomato relish


Remember my sweet green chilli sauce recently? Well when I was at the markets I also bought a huge box of tomatoes ($8 for 10 kgs, can you believe it?!) and this yummy relish came about. The dates add a little sweetness but don’t overtake the tomato and then there is caraway and rosemary to add an nice depth of flavour. This relish is yummy with cheese, …

Sweet green chilli sauce


It’s that pickling time of year again folks! Last year I wasn’t able to head out to Sydney Markets like I normally do as I was heavily pregnant although I still managed to knock out this delicious tomato and tamarind chutney before I popped. But this year, I am totally back on with this sweet green chilli sauce (which is really yum and actually perfect for the novice …

Smoky peach mustard


To follow on from my previous teaser of Made From Scratch, I am sharing a few more tasty pics and also my recipe for Smoky Peach Mustard. Have you ever made your own mustard? It’s surprisingly easy and this one is perfect for all your summer barbecues. Smoky peach mustard

Carrot cake jam and a cookbook teaser


Yay! Another delivery from Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks with a book I worked on last year. This one is called Made From Scratch and it features trusted recipes to make basic foods that you may not have thought to make before, such as your own fresh cheeses, butter, breads, smoked and salted goods as well as condiments. As always this book is beautifully styled and is …

Tomato and tamarind chutney


This chutney makes the most of the abundant summer tomatoes that are around at the moment. If you are lucky enough to have a farmer’s market nearby you might even be able to pick them up by the case. Package the chutney into jars as wedding favours for your guests or just make a big batch for friends and family. They will be super impressed …

8 homemade Christmas food gifts


For those of you planning to make homemade foodie gifts for your loved ones this year, here is a round-up of some of my favourite Christmas recipes from the archives. Date and tahini spread / Peach and tomato chutney / Gingerbread choc chip brownie / Spiced coffee liqueur Smoky green pepper jam / Kaffir and pomegranate syrup / Eggnog fudge / Spiced candied nuts Fancy getting social? …