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Lime, coconut and ginger-infused rum


So infused rum sounds fancy doesn’t it? It’s sure to wow the pants off your party guests when you tell them you flavoured your own tipple! Plus this tropical-infused booze is really easy to make, you just need to start a week ahead of time. And of course you can then serve it up in a pineapple, coconut or even (gasp!) a glass.

Tomato, celery and pepper-infused vodka


This savoury infused vodka is perfect for those day-after brunches when everyone is nursing a sore head. Or pop little bottles of it in a hangover kit for your bridesmaids. Serve it straight-up over ice and you have yourselves a low-cal bloody-tini. But it’s also yummy with a splash of soda or add it to tomato juice for an easy bloody mary.

Hot chocolate on a stick


As I was making these I was imagining a beautiful white winter wedding with the bride draped in faux fur and snowflakes drifting from the sky. In reality, most Australian winter weddings are probably in lovely crisp sunshine but a girl can dream can’t she? Either way, your wedding guests will love these orange-spiked hot chocolate favours. So simple to make and so delicious when …

DIY bellini bar


This do-it-yourself bellini bar is perfect for your next barbecue, brunch party or wedding reception. Instead of the classic peach nectar, I have created some delicious summery flavour combos like berry + basil and peach + elderflower. Just add 1-2 tablespoons of puree to each glass of bubbles for a frothy, fruity cocktail.

Mojito ice cubes


These mojito-inspired ice cubes make the perfect refreshing long drink. Packed with lime and mint flavours, they are delicious in a tall glass, topped up with fizzy water. And of course you can always add a slug of rum if you fancy……. You can make a big batch well ahead of time and store the ice cubes in an airtight container in the freezer until required.

Earl grey syrup


I’m obviously in a syrup frame of mind at the moment! They are just so handy to have in the fridge to add extra oomph to drinks and desserts. Again, I made this one with milkshakes in mind, but you can also try it in cocktails or poured over cakes. It has a subtle earl grey tea flavour which works especially well with lemon, dried …

Rhubarb, ginger and rosemary cordial


This fruity cordial is packed full of flavour and is great as a refreshing drink with ice and soda or if you are feeling more adventurous splash it into your gin and tonic or a glass of bubbly. In this scene: Straws, twine and jar from emerald + ella.

Gingerbread syrup


People keep asking me what I was craving while pregnant and I’m not totally sure but I definitely had an increased appetite for sweets, particularly milkshakes. So when I went to a cafe the other day and they had a gingerbread milkshake on the menu, I was intrigued. Of course I had to order it and it was damn delicious! Once I got home I figured …