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Sweet pumpkin and zucchini loaf


Is this the month of brown food on the blog?! Sorry about that but I seem to have been doing a lot of bronzed baking recently. It’s all still jam-packed with flavour and nutrition though! This super moist vege-based bread is perfect for little and big kids alike. It makes a great breakfast (cake is ok for breakfast isn’t it?!) or snack at any time. It’s not …

Banana, nut butter and cacao muffins


These nutty banana muffins AKA baby hipster muffins are full of healthy superfoods and fats, perfect for little (or big!) growing people. Max (#littlehowie) is now 14 months and needs more than just a handful of strawberries for morning tea these days so these muffins make the perfect little lunch snack. I realise the recipe makes 9 which seems a silly amount but you could easily pile …

Crunchy flax and chia seed crackers


These crunchy, superfood-packed crackers are just awesome because they use up all that flax seed that comes in the giant packets. Have you ever noticed that? Why do they come in such big bags?! You generally use a very small amount in a recipe and then have all these seeds hanging around. Anywho, that’s not the only reason they are great, they are tastier than …

Leftover turkey banh mi sliders


Since having Max I have rediscovered a love for cream cheese. It just snuck up on me and now I see it in my shopping trolley every week. He loves it in a soft wholemeal sandwich, a bit squidged down so it’s nice and flat. I personally prefer it on a toasted everything bagel with some tomato, onion and cucumber. But each to their own. Anyway, …

Pear, sultana and oat balls


Okay okay so I seem to be posting a few baby-friendly recipes even though I promised it wouldn’t become a baby blog!! And, it’s not, I swear. It’s just that I have been testing all sorts of yummy things for Australian Women’s Weekly recently and have had no time for adult cooking at home. But there will be plenty more grown-up food coming soon.

Strawberry heart pie pops


How sweet are these strawberry-filled pie pops?! They are super fun for a kitchen tea or bridal shower. Can’t you imagine the pics now? All the ladies in their pretty dresses eating dainty heart-shaped pies. They would also be great as part of a dessert buffet.

Cheesy lentil sausage rolls


These cheesy lentil sausage rolls are perfect for a meat-free Monday dinner or great to serve as finger food. The flavours are simple and punchy and even the heartiest carnivore won’t miss the meat. My husband didn’t believe me at first when I said they were vegetarian. Serve them up with a tomato chutney like this one, or heaven forbid, some barbecue sauce….

Breastfeeding cookies


Okay so breastfeeding cookies may sound a little scary but really they are just yummy choc oat cookies with the addition of a couple of key ingredients (flaxseed and brewers yeast) to help with milk production. They are perfectly safe for the menfolk in your life to eat too! These cookies make a great gift for a new mum and I will be making a big …