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Sweet pumpkin and zucchini loaf


Is this the month of brown food on the blog?! Sorry about that but I seem to have been doing a lot of bronzed baking recently. It’s all still jam-packed with flavour and nutrition though! This super moist vege-based bread is perfect for little and big kids alike. It makes a great breakfast (cake is ok for breakfast isn’t it?!) or snack at any time. It’s not …

Banana, nut butter and cacao muffins


These nutty banana muffins AKA baby hipster muffins are full of healthy superfoods and fats, perfect for little (or big!) growing people. Max (#littlehowie) is now 14 months and needs more than just a handful of strawberries for morning tea these days so these muffins make the perfect little lunch snack. I realise the recipe makes 9 which seems a silly amount but you could easily pile …

New two tone and rose gold cake stands


I am so excited about this beautiful cake stand delivery this week! The lovely Tony had a few hiccups with his truck but he finally got these long-awaited stands to me and I couldn’t wait to shoot them and share. How pretty is the rose gold? Oh and the mint and teal? Or the pink and purple?! Gosh, I just love them all and I hope …

Some last minute Christmas things….


Ok so Christmas has snuck up on me this year, is that what having a child does to you?! So I thought I would share a few favourite crafty things and recipes from the archives in case you need some last minute inspiration. Still need a topper for your tree? This easy kraft paper angel will impress all the rellies! Find out how to make …

Rosy summer fruit pot pies


I love that the Australian-grown stone fruit is already arriving in shops, it really feels like summer is just around the corner. And after spying a heap of white peaches this week, I was inspired to make these rose-scented pot pies filled with peaches and strawberries, topped with vanilla-y ricotta. The pies are sweet, fruity and and ever-so-lightly perfumed with rosewater. And lower in fat than your …

Pear, sultana and oat balls


Okay okay so I seem to be posting a few baby-friendly recipes even though I promised it wouldn’t become a baby blog!! And, it’s not, I swear. It’s just that I have been testing all sorts of yummy things for Australian Women’s Weekly recently and have had no time for adult cooking at home. But there will be plenty more grown-up food coming soon.

Carrot cake jam and a cookbook teaser


Yay! Another delivery from Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks with a book I worked on last year. This one is called Made From Scratch and it features trusted recipes to make basic foods that you may not have thought to make before, such as your own fresh cheeses, butter, breads, smoked and salted goods as well as condiments. As always this book is beautifully styled and is …

Homemade edible glitter


So recently I have been on the search for edible glitter for an upcoming post and geez louise it’s expensive!! All for some pretty sparkly sugar! So I was scouring Pinterest and came across a recipe for DIY glitter sugar. After a few tweaks I had what I was looking for, lovely homemade edible glitter which is super cheap, easy to make and you can …