Cake Stands : Custom stands

Custom stands

We can make custom sizes of our gorgeous wooden cake stands, from 30cm (~12 inches) up to 42cm (~16 inches), in all of our existing colours. We are unable to do custom colours at this time.

All our custom stands are on shorter bases, similar to the original 24cm stands, as this makes them nice and stable.

As the stands are handmade in small batches, there is generally about a 4 week wait time, although this can be longer or shorter depending on when we last placed an order with our lovely carpenter. 

The stands are made from matte-painted wood. We recommend that you use a doily or baking paper between your stand and any food as this will increase its durability.

Prices are as follows:


Plain colours: $50

Metallics: $55


Plain colours: $60

Metallics: $63


Plain colours: $70

Metallics: $80


Plain colours: $84

Metallics: $96


To order a custom cake stand, pick a colour and a size and send us an email to with your cake stand choice, full name and postal address. We will then generate an invoice for you.

You can also choose to have a two-tone stand if you prefer. Just let us know which colour you would like on the base, and which on the plate.

Shipping costs for the custom stands will vary depending on size and where you are located. This will be calculated once you email us your stand choice and postal address.

We are also able to offer unpainted stands in all sizes so that you can paint them with your own colours, please email us for pricing.